[Doujinshi] Sekaiichi Hatsukoi – Sweet Sweet Box

Title: Sweet Sweet Box
Author: Ayuko
18 Mar 2012
Pages: 26

Dimensions: B5 Weight:
Format: Manga- 18P Novel- 0P Etc- 8P
R21 – Rather uhh… intense sexual activity with barely there censorship. Hard Yaoi.
Language: Japanese
Characters: Takano x Ritsu
Sample Images:  photo 20130209_153918-sm_zps3e42973d.jpg  photo SweetSweetBox_0007_sm_zpsda2ae8db.jpg  photo SweetSweetBox_0019_sm_zps8a10692d.jpg  photo SweetSweetBox_0025_sm_zps7932cbd4.jpg
Accompanying freebies:  -
Synopsis: This doujinshi contains 3 stories, 2 being told from the POV of Ritsu, while one is told from the POV of Takano.

I will fill up this section proper once I get it translated. In the meantime, here’s what I deduced through guesswork:

Story 1: Ritsu looks adorable in glasses, and that really turns Takano on. Ritsu winds up giving Takano a really intense BJ.

Story 2: The next day, Takano catches Ritsu looking all distracted (probably over the BJ XD). He invites Ritsu to his house.

Story 3: They have more sex, and Takano tells Ritsu that he loves him.

My thoughts: Takano’s -ahem- is huge. That is all.


Purchased from: Haru Comic City 17 (18 Mar 2012) Junjou Dynamite petit only
Doujinshi #: NS020
Translator wanted: Japanese to English or Chinese. Please contact me if you’re interested!
Credits: Format from Minako017′s Doujinshi Collection


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